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My name is Sergey Antonov, I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

If you reached this page, you, I think, interested Saint-Petersburg. I can help you in it.

Walk and free interesting excursions in Saint-Petersburg for all.

My name is Sergey Antonov, I am from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. My photo — left.

Now I study english language and me need practice in this language every day, the more the better. My English is not very good, but it is not big problem to me and my friends. We understand each other. As I speak in english, you can see on this page :)

If you going to come in Saint-Petersburg, and you don’t know, what to see on this city, or you not for the first time in Saint-Petersburg, and you bored boring standart excursions from touristical companies, you can walk on Piter (russian slang name Saint-Petersburg) with me.

I show you real city, real russian life, I’ll tell interesting facts, which typically don’t speak. For example:
— we will see real russian icebreaker
— can get to a rock concert of Russian rock, hip-hop or pank groups
— get on real russian market and plunge into the atmosphere 90-h

All this excursions — free.

There are 4 conditions:

— if you walk with me, you must correct my speech
— each person pays for itself (tickets, food, transport...)
— if you not one, and we go to countryside (for example, Peterhof museum), you no more 6 persons — I have only 7-seater car :)
— if I’m in your city, you should to me excursion on your city

If you are ready walking with me, call me on phone 8921-6571873 (Megafon, Russia), skype — rolkerskype, or write to me on email — or facebook —

A little about me:
I was born in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, from Russia. I live in Saint-Petersburg from 2003 year.
I am 27 years old
I was studied in Saint-Petersburg State University (graduates this University — second and third russian presidents Putin and Medvedev).
I travel:
2010 — Lyon, France;
2011 — Helsinki, Finland; Riga, Latvia; Tallin, Estonia;
2012 — Sinay, Egypt; Antalya, Turkey; Hainan, China;
2013 — Tenerife, Spain;
My work — search engine optimization.
I like football & I am a fan at FC Liverpool.

by the by — if you speak in russian, you can read about me more information on my website —